Memorial Candles

candlesIn preparation for our Feast of the Assumption & San Rocco, we have the great opportunity to pray for the intercession of Our Lady during our nine-day novena and for healing through the three-day triduum of San Rocco.

Additionally, we will have the opportunity to offer personalized candle(s) for our living and/or deceased loved ones. Memorial Candles are 7-day candles that will be placed on either side of the altar (with the corresponding saint you’ve selected) and burn throughout the Feast Days.

Each candle offering is $10.00. We ask that you restrict each candle to 2 names only. Forms are available in the Rectory Office at 344 Sixth Street in Jersey City, on the Information Table in Holy Rosary Church, or you can download a form here:

2016 Memorial Candles Form